Why you need a GPS Car Tracker in Lagos, Nigeria

James was returning from work on a Thursday evening, his car developed a fault somewhere around Lagos Island on his way home. He pulled over to try to figure out what was wrong with his car. He called a tow truck but just as he was about to get back into his car, a strange man came running from the woods, brandishing a pistol. When James got back in his car and tried to drive away, the mysterious stranger shot at him, he was dragged out of the car and the car driven away by the robber. James was taken to the hospital by good samaritans who were the first callers at the scene of the robbery and treated of his gunshot wounds. Police arrived shortly after, but they weren’t able to find any trace of the shooter or the vehicle.
Stories like that of James are common in Lagos.
Incidences of car theft in Lagos can be reduced to the bearest minimum if motorists install GPS car trackers in their vehicles.

Lagos is home to some of the world’s largest residential areas like Surulere, Oshodi, Mushin, Ajegunle etc. Lagos has many rich opportunities for business entrepreneurs but this also makes it home to the highest number of car thefts in Nigeria. Little wonder, crime rates have been soaring in recent years in Lagos. They are up nearly 20% since 2010. While that may not seem like much, it’s high enough that it has led to the state being labeled a dangerous state. There were 1,903 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2013. That was up from 1,742 in 2012 and 1,616 in 2011. Property crime also rose last year, rising from 6,859 to 7,633 robberies per 100,000 people between 2019 and 2021. Moreso, 3,000 car thefts last year alone. This number accounts for almost 4% of auto thefts nationwide. In fact, Lagos has the highest rate of auto thefts in the country.

Locating stolen vehicles in Lagos is quite a difficult task for law enforcement agents due to the complex road network and population density. GPS car trackers allow you to locate your vehicle through using your smartphone. It can help you determine where exactly your car is. You can also get directions, distance and even the speed along the route the car was driven. This allows law enforcement officers to track down stolen cars much easier and makes them able to catch criminals earlier and also reduce resources used in the course of investigation.

Also our GPS car trackers come with features that can help recover your vehicle faster in case of a car theft, one of them is the remote demobilizer. With remote demobilizer, you can lock or unlock your car ignition via your phone. This feature works by sending out signals from your smartphone to your vehicle’s ignition system. When a car thief attempts to start the vehicle, the vehicle ignition system receives a signal and will not start until the lock has been deactivated or removed from the vehicle’s ignition via your cell phone. This mechanism is inbuilt with our GPS car trackers and is very helpful in a place like Lagos, it will be more tasking to recover a stolen car that has been driven for hours than a car that was demobilized minutes after it was stolen.

Despite having a GPS car tracker installed in your vehicle, you should report a missing vehicle to your local police. Police will provide help with how to file a report, what forms are necessary, and whether any fees apply and also contact your auto insurer to file a claim if you have a valid insurance.

Should you need to buy a GPS car tracker in Lagos, do not hesitate to contact us.

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