A Comprehensive Guide to GPS Car Trackers in Nigeria

GPS Car Trackers are devices installed in a vehicle that shows the exact location of your vehicle at any given time. The location can be seen on your mobile phone or computer real-time,it is very accurate. GPS car trackers use global positioning system (GPS) and Geostationary satellites to calculate the location of your vehicle and display the same on your phone or computer.

Why use a GPS Car Tracker?

With the present security concerns in the country, GPS car trackers in Nigeria have proven to be the best method to secure your car from theft.

If your car gets stolen, police and insurance company can be notified immediately to come and look for your vehicle. The tracker will provide time stamped proof of when it was stolen, where it was taken and all the locations it was driven to.

Why not a keyless anti-theft system or pedal lock?

A keyless car anti-theft system is a car that is equipped with a hidden remote electronic device that enables you to remotely open the car and start it, but does not require a key. A lot of owners do not realize that this electronic keyless system can also be used by a thief to enter your car and drive it. You need to avoid using keyless car theft systems because these systems will not let you track your vehicle once it has been hacked and your vehicle driven off.
On the other hand, a pedal lock is a fabricated product that attaches to the vehicle pedals thereby making it impossible for a thief to move your car even if he gains access to the vehicle cabin and has your key. A pedal lock is of no use if a thief robs you of your vehicle at gun point ,you are either intercepted on motion when you do not have the pedal lock fixed or you are asked to unlock it at gun point for the thief to drive the car off.

You can also use a GPS Car Tracker to reduce your insurance liability. Your insurance company might be more willing to pay for minor claims e.g car repairs if you claim that your vehicle got damaged as a result of a car accident than pay for a stolen car.

How does a GPS Car Tracker work?
You might be surprised at how a GPS Car Tracker works. There is a radio-frequency based receiver in the vehicle and a GPS receiver in the device. When the radio-frequency signal and GPS receiver are tuned to a compatible signal carrier, the devices perform the GPS tracking, radio frequency signal for car trackers in Nigeria is provided by GSM operators. A GPS tracking device can receive location information from up to 10 satellites and it shows the vehicle’s location in near-real time. A navigation device, like a GPS, uses similar but more advanced technology.

Tracking your your car from phone apps

You can use GPS car trackers to track the location of vehicles and other objects in real-time in Google Earth and Google Maps. They can send location co-ordinate to your phone via sms, these co-ordinates can be translated into physical addresses using the above apps.

1. Google Maps
Google Maps is probably the most commonly used GPS car tracker app out there,it is used by millions of people around the world. This application can help you find your way anywhere. If you are driving somewhere and have no idea how to get there, then this app is perfect for you. It is free and easy-to-use. You can even use this app on a smartphone without having to buy any additional hardware. All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or Google PlayStore onto your phone and install it. Then whenever you want to monitor your car’s location, just open the app, input your location or enter the co-ordinates you received via sms from your GPS car tracker and follow the instructions. With this app installed on your smartphone, you can easily track your vehicle’s position through its online map interface. Also, the application has several widgets that allow you to view any
information about the current position or your last waypoint, speed, direction, traffic delays, estimated time of arrival (ETA), etc.

2. Google Earth
GPS car trackers allow users to track their vehicles using Google Earth.The user can pan around the map easily and zoom in to get a better view of the area that they are in. The Google Earth Application allows your phone to connect to the internet via wifi or cellular data service to create a live satellite view of your location. This application provides access to live satellite views from all around the world.
This application is free and requires no activation fee or subscription. After downloading and installing this application, simply type in your current location or location co-ordinates, click search and watch as the live satellite image appears on your phone’s screen.

Types Of GPS Car Tracker

1. Hard Wired GPS Car Tracker
This type of GPS car tracker is very useful if you need to track something over long distances. They can be used to track vehicles, bicycles etc. These GPS car trackers are often installed by technicians as they have to connect it to the battery of the vehicle.These GPS car trackers are also used by law enforcement agencies and military personnel. They can track your movements over time and even record audio,this allows them to find out where you have been at any given point in time. Hard wired GPS car trackers last longer, are less likely to get lost, and easier to keep track of.
However it has its own demerits,they are not mobile,they cannot be used to track people and are also not suitable to track goods in transit .

2.Rechargeable GPS Car Tracker(Portable Car Tracker)
A rechargeable GPS car tracker is similar to a hard-wired GPS car tracker except that it does not require a power source. Instead, it uses rechargeable or replaceable batteries as sources of power. You need to replace the batteries periodically. They usually have a battery life of anywhere from 1-6 months depending on how often they are charged and used. They usually come with a charger included. These type of GPS car trackers are suitable to track people or goods in transit and can be easily concealed. You do not need the services of a technician to use this type of GPS car trackers.

GPS Car Trackers are the latest trend in the automotive industry. The technology is advanced enough to be used in the fields of security, road safety, and vehicle tracking. The above reviewed features and capabilities are useful for tracking any automobile.

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