7 Reasons why you should install a Car Tracker in Nigeria

The Nigerian transportation and logistics sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. This sector like every other important sectors of the economy has numerous challenges that range from bad road network to high cost of diesel to poor personnel management and so on.

While it is true that certain challenges like bad roads and high cost of fuel/diesel for example need government intervention, a large number of the other challenges being faced by the operators in this industry can be tackled through the integration of car tracking system into logistics/transportation operation.

It may interest you to know that reputable Gps car tracking companies in Nigeria like www.cartrackernigeria.ng have been playing very important roles in helping to keep transportation and logistics companies afloat and thriving with their unique fleet management and vehicle tracking facilities.

I make bold to say www.cartrackernigeria.ng and it’s contemporaries in the car tracking industry have completely revolutionized the manner in which fleet management is being practiced in Nigeria.

Prior to the introduction of car tracking devices in the transportation and logistics industry, a lot of operators/logistics business owners watched helplessly as money and valuable time was lost to  sharp practices by staff, loss of goods in transit, reckless driving, uncontrollable diesel usage, and worse still, disappearance of trucks and vehicles.

Thankfully, all of these can now be avoided and controlled by simply contracting companies like www.cartrackernigeria.ng to help with installing car trackers in your trucks and vehicles, and also creating a customized 24hours live tracking platform for your logistics and transportation business.

If you own a transportation/logistics business and you are yet to install a car tracker in your vehicles, then this article is for you. Here i shall be listing 7 reasons why you should buy and install a car tracker as quickly as you can.


Talk to any logistics/transportation business operator and they will tell you that Fuel/diesel cost is one of their biggest expenses and one area where their drivers and staff mercilessly rip them from time to time. It is not a secret that drivers make a lot of money off their employers by falsely claiming trucks used up more fuel than it actually did.

A 2019 investigation by the business development unit of  www.cartrackernigeria.ng on behalf of some of their newest fleet clients as of the time revealed that the diesel fraud perpetrated by their trailer drivers who did long distances within the period of one year was more than 2million naira per truck. You can imagine how painful it is to loose that much money annually on a single truck when in fact you can save all that money by installing a tracking device that monitors and gauges diesel consumption.

A Gps tracker will definitely help you to save a lot of fuel/diesel cost in this regard through its fuel management feature. This unique feature regularly feeds you information on how your truck is using up fuel and your vehicle fuel efficiency system in general, the vehicle tracking feature also constantly monitors in real time where your truck is being driven to so that you can actually tell if your driver is making unauthorized trips to locations you did not approve.


You and I know that nothing beats a computer program when it comes to effectively executing complicated tasks, the computer program in this context is a Gps tracking device. No matter how smart and efficient your staff are, they still will not be able to produce the level of  efficiency a Gps tracker will bring on board.

For businesses who own more than five trucks/vehicles, trying to manage your trucks manually will certainly result in unnecessary loss of valuable time and money. Experienced gps tracking companies like www.cartrackernigeria.ng have tracking devices that possess pattern recognition and even analytical capabilities that enables them to put together facts and figures that hitherto would have been very hard and impossible were it to be done manually.

I am talking about  accurately detailed business infographics that will help you effectively plan and make your business function optimally. These details include time of the year when demands are high, mostly visited locations,best locations to find your customers and so on.


Installing a tracking device in your trucks and taking advantage of its numerous business friendly features means about 80% of your operations no longer have to be done manually. Before the proliferation of tracking  devices in  the transportation and logistics industry, managing a fleet manually meant companies required a huge work force and consequently a humongous wage bill. As an empoyer of labour, you must be already aware that apart from paying salaries, hiring a large number of staff also means providing adequate infrastructures  such as electricity bills, office buildings, computers, furniture,stationeries, staff welfare and so much more.

Smart transportation and logistics business owners who have embraced           technology by hiring  reputable fleet management and tracking companies like www.cartrackernigeria.ng to help install tracking system in their trucks have quickly come to realize that they only need a very small work force .In our interactions with them, they all wish they knew this a long time ago but better late than never, right?

We have statistical records to show that  they have been able to save a lot of money and their operations have become even more efficient than when they had a large work force.


Knowing that timely maintenance of these vehicles without having to worry about maintenance fraud on the part of your staff is paramount to their longevity and durability is another vital reason why you should consider Installing a tracking device in your vehicles. It will mean that you can now enjoy features that provides information about mileage, driving habit, vehicle parts, engine performance, tells you the next time the vehicle would be due for service and so on. What I find amazing here is the fact that it does not matter how many vehicles you have, each one of them have their updated maintenance details waiting for you to access. Imagine a company that has more than 5000 vehicles  trying to keep up with the condition of each one of them manually? I am sure you are currently calculating the huge amount of money this alone will save you.


When a vehicle that does not have a tracking device installed in it gets stolen, it becomes almost impossible to find and recover it. This is why most fleets companies usually set new perimeters for every trip their truck/vehicle makes with consideration to routes and destination so that if it ever gets driven outside of the programmed routes and destination, the tracking system alerts them. This feature is very popular and it is called GEO FENCING.

As you must know, a GPS tracking device allows you to monitor your vehicle’s location at any given time. This means that even if your car is stolen, you can still track its movements and can even remotely demobilize it. So, If you are worried about the possibility of your car or truck being stolen, install a tracking device today.


One very important reason why you should install a tracking device in your vehicle is safety reasons. Most advanced trackers come with speed limit features that helps to set a specific speed limit thereby making it impossible for drivers to overspeed. This will consequently reduce the possibility of accidents caused by overspeeding.

Talking about accidents, most trackers come equipped with a feature called MEMS, an acronym for Micro electro mechanical systems and a panic button. This panic button can really be crucial in case of an accident and emergency as the driver only needs to press it in order to send alert to the emergency contact linked to the system. This feature has been known to save lives on numerous occasions and even prevented losses.


If you are still wondering and trying to make up your mind on why you should install a tracking device in your vehicles, then maybe this point right here will help decide you. Have you ever wished you knew how your driver handles your vehicle when you are not there, whether he drives carefully when the road is rough, whether, he drives harshly enough to spoil your vehicle transmission and engine, whether the reason you always have to spend money on repairs is as a result of his carelessness and harsh driving. If these things bother on your mind as a logistics/transportation business owner, then you should start considering installing a tracking device. This is because a tracker will help provide answers to all the questions above and more.

Do you know that the lifespan of your vehicle is largely dependent on not only maintenance but also the way it is being driven?. You are probably aware that a lot of drivers drive pretty rough and without a single care in the world about the direct and indirect implications of their harsh driving on your vehicle and business. Sophisticated tracking devices like the ones on offer from the stables of www.cartrackernigeria.ng have the capacity to update you with the necessary information you need to know about the driving style, pattern and habit of your driver. These trackers records data on your driver’s average speed, cornering style, braking style, vehicle idling and so on. It then puts together all these data to help you rate your driver’s driving behavior. This kind of information can in turn help you decide on whether to sack a driver or train them some more on safe driving.

Should you need to install a GPS car tracker in Nigeria, do not hesitate to contact us.

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