How To Use A Car Tracker In Nigeria

● Install The Tracker
This is by far the most crucial aspect of the vehicle tracking system, as it dictates the system's overall reliability. It is impossible to track an automobile electronically without installing a vehicle tracker. The automobile tracking device is installed in the vehicle, and it allows  you to capture the vehicle's geographic information, allowing you to always know where it is. When it comes to installing a GPS tracker, you have several alternatives. You could elect to purchase a car tracker, then install and maintain it on your own. Units of auto-tracking systems are currently available for purchase at our offices.
You could hire the services of a car tracking and security business to do the installation and maintenance of the tracking device, they place a tracking device in your car that sends the necessary geographical information as well as other details such as fuel level, tire pressure, battery status, engine RPM, GPRS status, and engine temperature to the company's computer systems which you can access using your phone or a personal computer.
Some of these auto-monitoring and security firms accept one-time charges, while others need you to make regular payments as subscriptions. We only accept one time payment and offer free installation to qualified clients.

● Monitor Your Vehicle
You can track your car's whereabouts using your smartphone or PC, whether you're utilizing an independent auto-tracking gadget or a security company's services.
We offer a website, and mobile app platform where you can enter your unique tracking identification number and other information specific to you and your vehicle. You can
use them to log in and track your vehicle. 
Because our website/application are utilized by the general population, the user interface is user-pleasant and simple to operate and browse. The User Interface includes maps that allow you to track your vehicle in real-time while it is on the road, as well as locate its precise or exact location when it is stationary.
● Report Theft to the Police
If you're ever carjacked, this should be the first thing you do. While you may follow your vehicle on your own using a car tracking device, you will almost always require the help of the authorities to recover it from thieves. You must go to the nearest police station and file an official complaint with the specifics of your vehicle and where it was last seen.
You'll very certainly be asked a variety of questions about the vehicle, as well as have to complete a few documents. Absolute compliance is to your benefit. Making an official report also clears you of any legal issues that may emerge in the future with that particular vehicle.

Lastly, installing a GPS tracker on your car is one of the most vital things you can do for yourself in Nigeria. That might be your last chance of having your automobile back in the near future if it's stolen.

Should you need a car tracker in Nigeria, do not hesitate to contact us.

Note: Our mobile app can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the bottom of our tracking website homepage as shown in the picture below;
Car tracker app

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